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Are There Any Shortcuts To A Flat & Sexy Stomach?

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Abdominal Workout Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Do you want a firm, flat stomach? Do you dream of having tight, washboard abs? If so, you have probably been thinking about adding an abdominal workout to your exercise program.

An abdominal workout can indeed help you to achieve the firm, flat stomach you have always wanted. But only if you do the abdominal exercises the right way. Do them the wrong way, and it will take much longer to achieve your goal, if you achieve it at all.

Here are some tips to keep in mind the next time you do your abdominal workout.

Make Sure You Are Doing the Exercises Correctly

One of the main reasons abdominal workouts don't seem to give some people the results they want is that they aren't doing the exercises correctly.

With some exercises, having the correct form isn't always important. For example, you might not be the most graceful swimmer in the pool, but doing twenty or thirty laps will still get your heart rate up, and burn off those calories.

With an abdominal workout, form does matter. Doing an abdominal exercise the wrong way will have little, if any, effect. It's certainly not the most effective way to get those washboard abs.

So, before doing a new abdominal exercise, it is important that you understand exactly the right way it is supposed to be done, and you try to do it that way every time.

Work Slowly Through Your Abdominal Workout

When doing an exercise routine, especially one you are familiar with, it is not unusual to find yourself starting to speed through the exercises.

But, when doing your abdominal workout, remember that intensity is always better than speed. The more slowly you can work through the reps of each exercise, the more effective the exercise will be.

If you have been speeding your way through your abdominal workout, concentrate on taking things slow the next time you do your abdominal exercises. You might find that doing each exercise more slowly than usual is harder, but that just means that the exercise is really working.

Warning: Ab belts, ab rollers and all those gimmics don't get you a flat stomach. Getting a flat tummy is the results of effective exercises, the right nutrition and a balanced cardio training...


Breathe Through Your Abdominal Workout

When doing certain exercises, it can almost feel natural to stop breathing. And this can be especially true of abdominal exercises.

However, breathing deeply through your exercises is key. Deep breaths will keep your blood oxygenated, and will insure that you have the energy you need to get through your abdominal workout.

So, the next time you find yourself wanting to hold your breath doing your exercise routine, take a deep breath instead.

Stay Safe During Your Abdominal Workout

There are some exercises you shouldn't do if you have lower back problems. And this seems to be especially true of some abdominal exercises.

If you think an exercise will cause you back pain, don't do it. If you experience back pain while doing an exercise, stop immediately. If you have a history of back problems, you might want to ask your doctor which abdominal exercises are safe for you to try.

An abdominal workout can help you get the flat stomach and firm abs you have always wanted, but only if you do the exercises the right way.


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