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Excess Abdominal Fat: A Serious Health Risk

Do you dream of losing that excess abdominal fat and having those hard, ripped, six pack abs everyone seems to be talking about?

If so, you are not alone. Most of the people at your local gym probably feel the same way. But having a flat stomach and six pack abs aren't the only good reason to lose that belly fat. In fact, there is a much more serious reason to consider.

Excess abdominal fat is dangerous to your health.

Why Excess Abdominal Fat is So Dangerous

Being overweight can be a health risk no matter where the extra weight has settled. But studies have found that having more fat in your stomach and waist area makes you more prone to serious health problems.

People with excess abdominal fat are more likely to suffer from:

* High Cholesterol. When fatty deposits accumulate on the walls of your arteries, it can dangerously interfere with the flow of blood to your heart and brain.

* High Blood Pressure. High blood pressure can cause serious damage to, among other things, your heart, arteries, and eyes.

Having excess abdominal fat can mean more than not looking your best in the new outfit you just bought. You are also more likely to develop serious medical conditions down the line. These conditions include heart disease, sleep apnea (a sleep disorder that can cause you to stop breathing while your sleep) and diabetes. There is also an increased risk of suffering from heart attacks and strokes.

So losing excess abdominal fat isn't just about looking slimmer and trimmer. It can also save you from some serious health problems.

Who Is More Likely To Have Excess Abdominal Fat?

Both men and women can suffer from excess abdominal fat, although men are more likely to have excess fat around their stomach and waist. Still, women aren't immune, especially if women with "thick middles" run in their family.

How to Get Rid of Excess Abdominal Fat?

Considering how dangerous to your health excess abdominal fat can be, losing the extra fat around your middle should be your top priority.

The best way to lose excess abdominal fat is through a combination of diet and exercise. Most have found that focusing on one or the other isn't nearly as fast and effective as doing both.

The type of exercise you do is also important. If you have ever gone on a diet or exercise program, you might have found that, even though you were losing weight everywhere else, the fat that had settled around your stomach and waist refused to budge. That is because the only real way to lose belly fat is to do exercises specifically targeted in that area.

If your goal is losing excess abdominal fat, you will need a diet and exercise program specifically designed to help you meet that goal.

There is nothing wrong with wanting to lose excess abdominal fat so that you will have a trimmer waist and six pack abs. But, by losing that extra belly fat, you will also be decreasing your chances of suffering from many serious and debilitating medical problems.


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